posted on 2005-06-01

Now that I have a Neko compiler and VM, the next step is to boostrap the language. For that it is needed a typed language on top of Neko. I called that NekoML right now, it’s a like OCaml with a more Neko-like syntax (more easy to learn for people coming from C/Java) and that adds some interesting features such as polymorphic number operations (+ work for int, float and string).

The language is working but it still needs exceptions, the module system with separate compilation, and the check for pattern matching completeness. Once everything is ok, I will add a generator from NekoML to Neko so it can be used as an higher-level staticly-typed programming language. After that the goal is to rewrite the Neko and the NekoML compilers in NekoML to have self-compilation and get rid of OCaml.

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