posted on 2004-10-28

I have released MTASC Beta2. One of the major changes was to drop naming convention on package and class names. Like ocaml, the compiler was enable to distinguish as soon as lexing the difference between a class path ( ident . ) * class and a value , using “ident = [a-z _ ][a-Z A-Z 0-9 _]* and class = [A-Z] [0-9 a-z A-Z _]+” with the exception of [A-Z][A-Z 0-9 _]* being valid identifiers for values. This was troublesome for too much people having different conventions with big existing codebase so I drop that, and had to allow some kind of delayed package loading : if you have a sequence a.b.c.d.e you can have a package a.b with class c and access to static field d.e, and if you add to this the fact that “a” can be a name resolved by an import… Well it works now, although import wildcards are not yet supported because it needs some directory scanning. Will do that later.


posted on 2004-10-25

Let’s get started ! After a few days of work, I made first announcement of MotionTwin ActionScript2 Compiler. Right now a windows binary only is available, later the OCaml sources will be publicly released. Anyone interested can subscribe to the mailling list there :

[edit : here’s current project web page]

Weblog On

posted on 2004-10-25

Weblog is started. WordPress is quite easy to install and looks great to use, let’s give it a try…