FOTB - Revolution 2 : haXe Slides

posted on 2006-12-05

For people that couldn’t attend, here’s my presentation slides Revolution 2 that I was showing at FOTB a few hours ago. Thanks to all the people that came here, it’s great to see such an interest into new way of doing things and I wish to all of you happy hours of haXe coding ;)

The Slides (warning : PDF)

Flash On The Beach

posted on 2006-12-03

It’s been a long time since I had enough time to blog. The reason is that I’m currently lacking internet at home and my daily job day is too much busy to allocate blog time. I’m currently at Bordeaux Airport heading to Flash On The Beach, there’s free WiFi at airport so that’s a good reason enough to blog ! Sounds like FOTB will be a great conference, with great speakers and good mood. Hope to see a lot of people attending my talk Revolution 2 where I’ll be explaining about MTASC and haXe. If you’re a Flash developer who want to understand what haXe is and why it’s a Revolution for the Flash Coder, that’s a talk for you !