haXe 1.0 Release Canditate

posted on 2006-05-02

haXe RC1 is now available from http://haxe.org. After several Beta, I could at last put everything I wanted for 1.0 and this is a prerelease that should satisfy most of users wishes. The new things includes :

  • regular expressions (not yet supported in Flash, since there is no native support a haXe RE engine need to be written)
  • server-side Socket API, to create multiuser server in pure haXe code.
  • serialization : using a pure haXe serializer that can send classes instances and enums as well
  • remoting : kind of RPC between different haXe platforms, enable transparent communications between Flash/JavaScript and the Server.
  • a template system for server-side generated pages
  • the SPOD system for binding objects to database tables
  • and a lot of other things…

[EDIT : haXe 1.0 has been released]